Writing a blog is a great way to get a message across to your audience on a regular basis and can improve your customer engagement dramatically. This is your chance to scrap the corporate jargon and adopt a relaxed, conversational tone by speaking to your customers directly.

Talk about a subject you know

It’s important to write about a subject you are knowledgeable in. If it’s an area you need to swot up on, then do your research first. Quote sources where possible and include a good selection of useful links if necessary.

Adopt a conversational, informal style

Blogs are your opportunity to adopt a more relaxed tone with your audience. Think about how you want to write your piece and from which angle. By writing in the first person, you can put across your experiences and knowledge, which will help create a ‘personality’ behind your brand.

Think about the length

Be concise and don’t ramble! You don’t want to lose your readers halfway through, so think about the length of your post. Between 300 and 500 words is a good starting point. Detailed subjects may require a longer word count, but make sure you use clear sub-headings to break up the content.

Break up your text

Nothing puts a reader off more than one long wall of text. Break up your posts with sub-headings and images. Make it interesting to keep the reader’s attention. Consider your use of headings 1, 2 and 3 when inputting your content onto your website and decide which fit in best.

Share on social media

Blog posts are commonly shared with audiences via social media. They allow followers to keep up to date, on a platform that extends beyond the restricted character counts of some social channels. It also allows people to share your news. Don’t be afraid to post links to your blog on all of your networks. You want to shout about your business and reach out beyond your current customer base.

Finally, make sure you post regularly. Don’t drop off the radar! Writing regular blog posts can raise brand awareness and improve your website’s ranking on Google.

For more advice on writing blogs, please contact us directly. Don’t forget to read our other blog posts, which we update on a regular basis.

Writing your way to a successful blog post
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