Are you looking for a copywriter in Hampshire?

At Compass Copywriting, the importance of bringing the written word to life is fully understood. If you are looking for an experienced copywriter in Hampshire, then I can help you. I am experienced in creating fresh, engaging content for a range of different marketing platforms.

Why is content so important?

Creating persuasive, tailored content can transform the way consumers view a business. From improving website traffic to creating better brand awareness, the benefits of content management are endless.

Quality content can help and inform a consumer, providing them with useful details about a product or service. Traditionally this was shared on websites or in printed literature, but nowadays there are many different types of marketing platforms. Now a business can create brand awareness through channels such as social media, blogs and e-newsletters.

Not everyone has the time or expertise to dedicate to this specialist field. Employing a copywriter will allow you to focus your time on other areas of your business.

Engaging with your audience

With the rise of user-generated content, it is more important than ever before to understand consumers. Customers can now generate their own content in the form of reviews, feedback and social shares. By increasing customer engagement through structured social media campaigns and blog posts, a business can really improve their brand awareness.

I can help you plan your social media marketing and advise you on content ideas to help develop your customer engagement online.

Extensive experience

My copywriting experience includes B2B and B2C content writing for websites, managing social media channels, blogging, creating e-newsletters, brochure production, proofreading and editing. Find out more about my copywriting services here.

Whether you are looking for a copywriter in Hampshire, or you are based elsewhere in the UK, contact me to find out how I can help you.

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