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While many marketers are still getting to grips with app development and the seemingly endless social media platforms on offer, others are looking ahead to ‘the next big thing.’ Wearables has become the latest buzzword for those looking to invest time and money in the next big trends in technology. As consumers become more ‘tech savvy,’ this is likely to put more pressure on businesses to adapt their marketing strategies (and budgets) to factor in these new marketing tools.

So what do we know about wearables so far?

Improved data and analytics

Many wearable devices provide marketers with detailed information about the consumer, including health data, spending habits and real-time location. This allows businesses to provide more personalised, targeted marketing messages and can influence the future development of apps and other marketing tools.

Social media challenges

Wearable technology is a common talking point on social media, however the likes of smartwatches are not that easy to use when managing social platforms. The small watch faces can make content difficult to read, with many consumers still favouring larger devices such as smartphones to share content with friends. As the popularity in wearables grows, it is likely that social media companies will develop more user-friendly features for these new products.

Although it can take between six and eighteen months for new technological trends to take off, I have taken a look at some of the more popular products already on the market:


There are a range of different smartwatches on the market, including the Apple Watch, Pebble, Samsung and the TAG Heuer Connected. Although they all vary in design, most include the ability to make a phone call, monitor fitness information and play music.

Augmented reality headsets

Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented reality headset that blends virtual environments with reality. Users are able to view 3D models of both existing objects and new ones. Although apps and games will be available for users as the product develops, it is also being used for projects by the likes of NASA and Volvo. There have been similar products on the market such as Oculus Rift and the now infamous Google Glass.

Fitness Trackers

The market is slowly becoming saturated with fitness trackers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to check your heart rate or count your steps, there is a device for everyone. Fitbit is biggest selling and best known of these products, but others include Digitsole, Xiaomi and a range by TomTom.

Ten years ago, we would never have believed that we would organise our lives via our mobile phones and share our inner most thoughts on social media. It could only be another few years until we organise our lives through our watches instead of our phones. I do not think that time will be far away…

How wearable technology could change the way you think about digital marketing
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