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In a growing digital age, businesses are continually looking for cost effective ways to improve customer engagement and promote key products or services. One of the best ways to engage for free is social media. Whether you’re just starting to use social platforms, or whether you are a seasoned pro, we have put together some tips to help you improve your social media following.

1) Pick the right social media platform for your business

Although the likes of Facebook may be one of the best known social media platforms, is it really right for your audience? Do your research first. B2B businesses may be better investing time in LinkedIn and Twitter, whilst those looking to reach a community or B2C audience should focus on Facebook. Don’t forget the importance of Google+, Pinterest and Instagram too.

2) Share information that is of interest to your audience

Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Be careful to keep it relevant to your business, but don’t be too pushy. You want to encourage people to share your content with their followers, generating word-of-mouth marketing.

Most importantly, know your audience and what might interest them. Find out who they are following. Does it include competitors?

3) Post regularly, but not too often!

One of the hardest things about social media is getting the balance right. Depending on your platform, try to post something at least once a day to keep your audience interested. You’d be surprised at how quickly followers can drop off! Be careful…if you post too often it can irritate your followers and, once again, they might drop off.

4) Keep an eye on the competition

Always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Monitor their social media channels and make sure you don’t duplicate their content. Find out about campaigns, competitions and hashtags they have used, which you might be able to learn from. Is there something you can take away and apply to your business?

5) Use a social media scheduling platform

We all know social media takes time and regular management. Make things easier for yourself by using one of the many free social media platforms that allow you to schedule social media posts and create themed feeds. We find Hootsuite one of the easiest to use, but there are plenty of others on the market. If you are short on time throughout the week, schedule all of your posts at the beginning and just monitor your feeds daily.

So there you have it. Five simple, easily applied tips to help improve your social media following. We have tried and tested these techniques over the years on various projects, with very successful results.

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Top tips for improving your social media following